Patrick A. Kossmann

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I am a high school teacher in Saskatchewan.

Since 2000 I have been teaching at Greenall High School in Balgonie.

Over the years I have taught:

Physics 20, Physics 30, Physical Science 20, Science 10, Science 11, Science 18,

Drama 10, Drama 20, Drama 30, Arts Ed 9 Drama, Arts Ed 9 Dance,

Forensic Science 30, Robotics 20, Robotics 30.

Currently I am teaching Physics 30, Physical Science 20, and Forensic Science 30

Courses are moving completely online.
Notes and Video links will be posted on the subject pages.
Assignments, Labs, and Quizzes will be assigned and handed in via Google Classroom
Class Discussions will be held via Google Meet

Semester I Daily Schedule
Period 1 8:55 am - 9:57 am Physics 30-1-1
Period 2 10:02 am - 12:16 pm Physical Science 20-1-1
Period 4 12:16 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch/Supervision
Period 5 1:23 pm - 3:32 pm Physical Science 20-1-2

If you have any questions you can contact me at ac.dsvp|nnamssok.kcirtap#ac.dsvp|nnamssok.kcirtap or @ironscientist on Twitter

Helpful Links

Highlights from Class

Physicsmass Carols 2018
Power of Cuteness Original Study

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